Submitted Abstracts

Submitted Abstracts

The list of all submitted abstracts: up-dated on March 6, 2012

Abstract ID - Corresponding Author : Title

001    -    Agapov N.    :    Cryogenics for the future accelerator complex NICA at JINR

002    -    Khodzhibagiyan H.    :    Experimental Study of Superconducting Magnets
                                                      for the NICA Accelerator Complex

003    -    Weng L.    :    Coupled Transport of Water and Cryoprotectant across Cell Membranes
                                      and Applications to Cryopreservation

004    -    Arapetyan E.    :    Application of the Very Low Temperatures 
                                              for the Preservation of Rare Plants' Seeds of Ukraine

005    -    Rozsak E.    :    Liquid Natural Gas exergy utilization by coupling the LNG regasification
                                        unit and filling system for Natural Gas adsorption storage tanks

006    -    Piotrowska A.    :    Cryotherapy state-of-art and challenges in Poland

007    -    Piotrowska A.    :    Thermodynamic analysis of liquid oxygen production system based
                                               on coupling Joule-Thomson cooler with PSA

008    -    Winkelmann D.    :    Low temperature phase equilibria of refrigerant mixtures

009    -    Grohmann S.    :    Development of a two-phase thermosiphon for extreme cooling requirements
                                             in the tritium source of KATRIN

010    -    Ahghel A.    :    Thermal Design of Cryogenic Permanent Magnet Undulator for SLS

011    -    Mahmoudian S.M.R.    :    Design and Manufacture of Cryogenic Sub-Cooler
                                                        for High Temperature Superconductors

012    -    Benallal M.N.    :    Comparison study between several configurations of axial flux superconducting motors

013    -    Ailam E.H.    :    Design of a superconducting inductor for axial concentration flux motor

014    -    Gong L.H.    :    Analysis of precooling process in a helium liquefaction system with a G-M cryocooler

015    -    Gupta N.C.    :    Superconducting Current Feeders System for SST-1

016    -    Bae J.H.    :    Stability of YBCO coated conductor according to Cu stabilizer thickness
                                      for cryogenic applications

017    -    Kim H.J.    :    The cryogenic insulation characteristics of GFRP in Liquid Nitrogen

018    -    Fellin F.    :    The MITICA facility: a possible optimization of the Cryogenic Plant cooling capacity

019    -    Mitrofanova Y.A.    :    Cool-down processes of NICA accelerator complex

020    -    Valente M.    :    Design proposal for MITICA Cryogenic Plant

021    -    Konstantinov A.V.    :    Liquid cryogen targets for experiments in nuclear relativistic and particle physics

022    -    Bondarenko V.L.    :    Enrichment of rare gases concentrates with application of diaphragm technologies

023    -    Bondarenko V.L.    :    Mixtures on basis of rare gases. Application and methods of production

024    -    Bondarenko V.L.    :    Cascade units for neon isotope production by rectification method

025    -    Schlemminger C.    :    Cryogenic hydrogen storage in highly porous materials - A modelling approach -

026    -    Ronayette L.    :    The cryogenic system of the 43 T Hybrid magnet of LNCMI Grenoble, France

027    -    Hu Z.J.    :    Design of a cryogenic helium plate-fin heat exchanger

028    -    Stringari P.    :    Development of an Equation of State for the Representation
                                          of Solid-Liquid, Solid-Vapour, and Liquid-Vapour Equilibria of Substances
                                          of Interest for the Air Distillation Process

029    -    Popa V.    :    Study concerning the possibility for increasing argon recovery
                                     from a cryogenic air separation process

030    -    Fydrych J.    :    Design, Manufacturing and Assembly of the Cryogenic Transfer Line for XFEL/AMTF

031    -    Quack H.    :    Conceptual Design of an Efficient Small LNG Production Facility

032    -    Kirchner L.    :    Advanced Cryogenic Process for low Purity Oxygen Production

033    -    Frolek L.    :    Properties of impregnated superconducting coils made from YBCO coated conductor
                                      using different technology of impregnation

034    -    Boersch M.    :    Test procedures for cryogenic components and considerations for leakage measurement

035    -    Polinski J.    :    Design, manufacturing and assembly of XATC test cryostats for AMTF

036    -    Bleile A.    :    Analysis of the SIS100 Superconducting Magnet Cooling

037    -    Bleile A.    :    Measurement of Dynamic Heat Losses in the Fast Ramped Superconducting Magnets
                                     for the SIS100 Synchrotron

038    -    Farouk B.    :    Effects of the Inertance Tube on Pulse Tube Refrigerator Performance

039    -    Farouk B.    :    A 3-Dimensional Numerical Study a Co-Axial type Acoustic Stirling Cryocooler

040    -    Arteconi A.    :    LNG as vehicle fuel in Italy

041    -    Arteconi A.    :    A multiobjective optimization for micro-scale liquefaction plants

042    -    Nakamura N.    :    Refrigeration Characteristics of Slush Nitrogen
                                             for High Temperature Superconducting Cable

043    -    Liu H.    :    Multifunctional Measurement Apparatus for Thermophysical Property Based on GM Cryocooler

044    -    Notardonato W.    :    Integrated Refrigeration and Storage for Liquid Hydrogen Ground Servicing 

045    -    Ghosh P.   :   Numerical simulation of mixed convection heat transfer to forced flow supercritical helium

046    -    Heidingsfelder J.   :   Analysis on protein stability in Tris buffered purified bulk solutions
                                                during the freezing process

047    -    Chowdhury K    :    Exergy Analysis to Determine Appropriate Design and Operating Parameters
                                              for Collins Refrigerator-Liquefier under Mixed Mode Operation

048    -    Butorina A.    :    Dreams and Reality of Superhigh Frequency Cryogenic Technology in Surgery

049    -    Dontsova E.    :    Study of Heat Electrodynamic Processes in High Temperature Superconductors (HTSC)
                                            Taking into Account Defects of Their Internal Structure

050    -    Klier J.    :    A new cryogenic high-pressure H2 test area: First results

051    -    Kade A.    :    Components and Systems for HTS Applications

052    -    Kuhn M.    :    3-Cycle Pulse Tube Cooler for Cryogenic High-Power Applications

053    -    Schneider M.    :    Compact Dilution Refrigerator for Sensor Cooling

054    -    Hobl A.    :    Cooling systems for superconducting power applications
                                    – experiences gained in HTS cable and fault-current limiter projects

055    -    Süsser M.    :    Presentation of the German DIN Working Group
                                        – Safety Devices for Helium Cryostats

057     -    Banaszkiewicz T.    :    The possibility application of LNG heat of vaporisation in the oxygen production                                                       from the atmospheric air by TSA method

058     -     Burdaszewski P.    :    Air Separation Unit installation and qualification in spatial environment

059     -     Clarke R.    :    Assessment of the Storage of Crude Helium in Reserves in Europe and elsewhere

060     -     Scurlock R.    :    The Future of Helium? A Global Agency to Oversee Production, Storage, Supply
                                            and Use of Helium Gas and Liquid. 

061     -     Cheremnykh O.Ya   :   The development of methods and means for long-term storage
                                                    of liquid hydrogen of high purity

062     -     Behera U   :   Studies of Performance Characteristics of Twin Thermoacoustic Prime Mover
                                       with Gas Mixtures as Working Fluids

063     -     Sonani B.J.   :   Energy Conservation in Oxygen Manufacturing Plant - A Case Study

064     -     Ciba P.   :    Biological and technological challenges establishing a future-proof cryogenic biomaterialbank

065     -     Kozub S.   :   Cryogenic System of Superconducting Separator for Kaon Channel of IHEP Accelerator

066     -     Cao H.S.   :   Development of two-stage Joule-Thomson Microcooler at University of Twente

067     -     Leachman J.   :   Thermophysical Properties of Hydrogen and Deuterium at all Ortho-Para Compositions

068     -     Thummes G.   :   High-power Stirling-type pulse tube cryocooler for operation near 80 K

069     -     Cheremnych O.Ya.   :   The development of methods and means of gasification
                                                      of liquid hydrogen under supercritical parameters

070     -     Mericka P.   :   Safety and Quality Assurance in Donation, Harvest and Preservation
                                        of Cells and Tissues of Human Origin – A Review of Own Experience

071     -     Kralik T.    :   Cryogenic He experiment on natural turbulent convection

072     -     Kralik T.    :   Radiative heat transfer at low temperatures over microscopic distances in vacuo

073     -     Eisel T.    :   The low temperature system of AEgIS

074     -     Von Walcke-Wulffen V.-J.   :   Standardization of the cryopreservation process for parathyroid glands

075     -     Zimmermann H.   :   Cryomechatronics in the context of biobanking:
                                                 The technology of the central HIV-biobank for vaccine researc

076     -     Hnízdil T.   :   Thermosiphon Tanks for reliable pump operation

077     -     Kondratenko R.   :   Study of Contact Methods to Cool Biological Tissue in Local Cryosurgery


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