For the 8th International Conference

  • Short and intermediate range order in borate glasses and melts
  • Structure and physical properties
  • Computer simulation and modeling
  • Phase separation and inhomogeneities
  • New spectroscopic techniques
  • EPR, XAFS, XPS, IR, NMR, and diffraction studies of borates
  • Novel borate glasses and crystals
  • Mineralogical crystals
  • Local thermal properties
  • Thermodynamics of borate systems
  • Industrial applications of borate and borosilicate glasses
  • Biomedical applications
  • Optical properties and materials
  • Superionic systems and ionic conductivity

For the International Conference on PHOSPHATE GLASSES

  • Phosphate glasses, mixed-network glasses, phosphate-containing glasses
  • Phosphate glass-ceramics 
  • Bioactive glasses
  • Structure, structure-property relations 
  • Spectroscopic and diffraction studies
  • Modeling- MD and ab initio
  • Optical properties (UV edge, redox states of transition and rare earth metal ions, etc)
  • Laser hosts, including femto-sec laser interactions
  • Ionic conductivity
  • Lithium phosphate glasses for batteries
  • Low Tg applications
  • Aqueous corrosion
  • Waste remediation and immobilization
  • Phosphate glasses for delivering agricultural, animal nutrients
  • Tribological applications


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