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Papers from these two conferences will be published by the Society of Glass Technology in the European Journal of Glass Science and Technology, and the proceedings will subsequently be provided to participants in electronic form on a USB memory stick.

The scientific papers will be included in Part B (Physics and Chemistry of Glasses) and the applied and industrial papers will be included in Part A (Glass Technology). It is a condition of publication in the European Journal of Glass Science and Technology that all papers are reviewed to the normal high standard of the journal, and that any comments by the reviewer and/or guest editors have been satisfactorily dealt with by the author(s).

Papers should be submitted using the online manuscript submission and peer review tracking system at .

  • You should be registered on this page.
  • After clicking Submit New Manuscript.
  • Choose an Article type of either Borate 8 Conference Paper or Phosphate Conference Paper.
  • Then proceed through the submission process in the normal way.
  • Papers must be submitted by 31st August 2014 at the latest.
  • Instructions for the preparation of manuscripts are given at, by clicking on Instructions for Authors.

In particular, please note that a substantial fraction of your paper should be new work and that it must be clearly indicated by references which parts, if any, have been published elsewhere. Scientific papers should normally have separate Results and Discussion sections, to clearly differentiate new data from those cited in the Discussion. The figures must be of the quality required by the European Journal of Glass Science and Technology and the captions must indicate the meanings of the point symbols and the origin of any smooth lines (e.g. a polynomial fit or a guide to the eye). Experimental points must have error bars (or a statement that the error is within the point symbol), unless their number is sufficiently high that their statistical spread is obvious, and a full error analysis must be included.

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