Invited Speakers

The 8th International Conference

Stanislav Filatov - University of Saint Petersburg, Russia
Plenary Lecture: Borate crystals

Sergey Krivovichev - University of Saint Petersburg, Russia
Retrospective:The contribution of Stanislav Filatov to studies of borate crystals

Invited Speakers
Thibauld Charpentier -
Commissariat a l´Energie Atomique, France
The MD-GIPAW method: Aplications to Borate and Borophosphate glasses

Giovanna D'Angelo - University of Messina, Italy
Structural, vibrational and thermal properties of borate glasses: influence of densification and modifying role of alkali metal cations

Takayuki Komatsu - Nagaoka University of Technology, Japan
Recent progress in laser patterning of crystals in borate glasses

Doris Moencke - Friedrich-Schiller-Unersität Jena, Germany
Transition metal ions in borate and borosilicate glasses: cluster formation and borate ligand speciation

Phil Salmon - University of Bath, UK
Density-driven structural transformations in B2O3 glass

Yuanzheng Yue - Aalborg University, Denmark
Relaxation and Glass Transition in Compressed Borate Glasses

Josef W. Zwanziger - Dalhousie University, USA
Advances in photoelastic studies of borate glasses

The International Conference

Doris Ehrt - Jena, Germany
Plenary Lecture: Phosphate and fluoride-phosphate optical glasses - properties, structure and applications

Doris Möncke - Jena, Germany
Retrospective: Doris Ehrt - Glass Chemical Research in the Spirit of Otto-Schott

Invited Speakers
Franck Fayon - CEMHTI-CNRS, Orleans, France
Chemical and geometrical disorder in phosphate and silicophosphate glasses by solid-state NMR

Seiji Inaba - Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan and Hideo Hosono, Setsuro Ito
Structure and properties of anisotropic phosphate glasses

Jonathan Knowles - University College London, UK
Processing and Utilisation of Phosphate Glass Fibres for Nerve Repair

Denise Krol - UC Davis, USA
Femtosecond laser modification of phosphate glasses

Gavin Mountjoy - Kent University, UK
Progress in atomistic models and simulations of phosphate glasses

Antonella Rossi - ETH Zurich, Switzerland and University of Cagliari, Italy
Surface chemistry and tribological properties of polyphosphate glasses

David L. Sidebottom - Creighton University, USA
Dynamic light scattering in alkali phosphate melts and the role of intermediate range order in the fragility of network-forming oxides






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